Hot Spring Baths

Please enjoy the beautiful nature of Hakone.

You can enjoy views of Lake Ashi and mountains.
■Location:4th floor
■Times:Gents and ladies baths alternate regularly.
 ・Ladies Bath: 14:00 - 24:00 (midnight)
 ・Gents Bath: 6:00 -10:30
 ・Baths: Indoor 1, outdoor 1
 ・Washing areas: 5 / Shower booth:1

Hot Spring Baths

An open-air bath where you can gaze up at the night sky.
■Location:3rd floor
■Times:Gents and ladies baths alternate regularly.
 ・Ladies Bath: 6:00 -10:30
 ・Gents Bath: 14:00 - 24:00 (midnight)
 ・Baths: Indoor 1, outdoor 1
 ・Washing areas: 4

Beauty salon "HAPTIC"

9:00 am to 10:00 pm
*Reservations required.
*Reservations and inquiries: Hakone Hotel (tel. 0460-83-6311)

 An aroma oil treatment from your face to your decolletage.
 (90 minutes, ¥14,700)

・Back Treatment
 A treatment for your back, which is hard to take care of by yourself.
 (50 minutes, ¥8,400)

・Foot Treatment
 A treatment to gently soothe you from your soles to your calves.
 (45 minutes, ¥7,560)

・Hands and Head Care
 A treatment to slowly massage your hands and head, where stress tends to accumulate.
 (40 minutes, ¥7,350)

・Body Treatment
 This course combines the Back, Foot, and Hand Treatments.
 (100 minutes, ¥22,050)

・VIP Course
 An extravagent total treatment course for both face and body.
 (130 minutes, ¥29,400)

Souvenir Shop "Cypres"

Carries a wide range of souvenirs, from Fujiya Club items to accessories, imported items, and Hakone bean cakes.

・Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


Offers views of Lake Ashi and the beauty of Mt.Fuji throughout the seasons.

Private Jetty

A private jetty is one of the perks of the lakeside Hakone Hotel.


42 passenger cars (free)

Automatic currency exchange machine

Lobby floor (near the Reception desk)

24hours; Everyday

・14 Currencies Available
USD(US Dollar)/ EUR(Euro)/ GBP(British Pound) / RMB(Chinese Yuan) / KRW(South Korean Won)/ HKD(Hong Kong Dollar) / TWD(New Taiwan Dollar)/ AUD(Australian Dollar)/ CAD(Canadian Dollar)/ SGD(Singapore Dollar)/ THB(Thai Baht)/ PHP(Philippine Peso)/ MYR(Malaysian Ringgit)/ IDR(Indonesian Rupiah)

Only exchanges from foreign currency to Japanese Yen are available.

Alipay / WeChat pay

We accept Alipay and WeChat Pay for payment at checkout.

Internet Service

Internet connection service by Free Wi-Fi is now available at all the guest rooms and lobby. It is available for Hotel Guests with your own P.C.,Smartphone, and Tablet device.

To the Guests who may use
This service requires a Password.
【Lobby area】You can have a password at Reception.
【Guest rooms】 Please refer to the guidance in the room.
*This service may not be available depending on a device.
*Kindly requested to understand we don’t take any responsibility for Virus Infection, Information Vanishment , and any Damages.

Conference rooms / Banquet halls

A meeting venue looking out onto Lake Ashi and Mt.Fuji. The large wall of windows floods the room with natural light. It can also be divided into two depending on the style of use.

Maximum capacity
・Standing buffet: 250 people
・Group dining: 162 people
・Meetings: 250 people

・Full use : 263m²
・Divided use (mountain side): 139m²
・Divided use (lake side): 124m²